Intel® Core™ m3 Processor for Popular Apps Report

Use your favorite Android* apps on Chromebooks* and spend less time waiting.

A Chromebook with an Intel Core™ m3 processor enabled apps to run faster than a Chromebook with an Intel Celeron® N3150 processor.

With the new ability to use Android apps on Chromebooks via Google Play*, the number of things you can do on one of these devices has skyrocketed. To support this increased capability, you need to be sure the Chromebook you choose can handle the apps you use. So what do you need to look for? The device's processor may hold the key.

At Principled Technologies, we tested popular apps from Google Play on two Chromebooks: one powered by an Intel Core™ m3 processor (the Samsung Chromebook Pro*), and the other powered by an Intel Celeron® N3150 processor (the Acer Chromebook* R 11). We compared the time it took to complete common tasks on each device, and found that as we moved from the Intel Celeron® N3150 processor-based device to a Chromebook powered by the Intel Core™ m3 processor, we finished tasks faster and with less waiting.

By choosing the Intel Core™ m3 processor-powered Samsung Chromebook Pro*, you can spend more time doing what you love instead of waiting for pages to load or videos to encode.