Opportunity Management

Design Opportunity to Design Win

In order to claim an Opportunity as a Design Win, the following definition and supportive documentation must be met.

A Design Opportunity must be unique = one opportunity for one motherboard/PCB/platform/form factor, whereby unique is defined as:

  • Significant different in layout such as significant difference in peripherals
  • Significant different in validation effort required because of a change in product industrial design (core complex, form factor, thermal, and/or mechanical) or a change in hardware/software components (like a different chipset)
  • Adding new features, which lead to important enhancements (including a new, large volume model)

In order to document the Opportunity is ready to claim as a Design Win, you need to attach, in the Opportunity Notes and Attachments section, all proofs in the following areas:

  • Proof of volume
  • Proof of Design readiness
  • Customer acceptance

*Examples of acceptable Proofs:

  • RFQ/RFI response
  • Purchase Order (PO) placed (minimum 2.500 USD or 50 units)
  • Quote along with purchase transaction record snapshot from system or excel spreadsheet
  • Customer email documenting meeting minutes/agreement of production
  • Evidence of prototype (photo, video)
  • PR articles/customer website screenshot with evidence of Intel product
  • Reference to volume potential of the design within customer communication
  • Any other document stating clearly customer plans for volume production & go-to-market plans

Download pipeline infographic