Why Intel for Google Cloud’s Anthos?

What’s the challenge?

  • Organizations are looking for help with operational efficiency, business continuity, app development and digital transformation across hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.
  • Google Cloud’s Anthos customers seek ways to streamline their business, so they can focus on their own customers’ needs and drive real business value.
  • Once enterprises decide to deploy Anthos they are tasked with identifying the ideal hardware configurations to run and scale Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on-premises: the right processor, memory, storage and networking.

What’s the solution?

Google Cloud’s Anthos on Intel® Architecture

Intel and Google Cloud have co-engineered a Google Cloud’s Anthos Intel® Select Solution, which is an Intel Reference Architecture (RA) that has been rigorously benchmark tested with Anthos in the Intel Lab. The Base and Plus configurations are optimized specifically for the performance of Anthos. This means that Google’s top Anthos original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators (SIs) can accelerate customer deployment of Anthos by verifying against minimum performance guarantees established by Intel.

By taking advantage of Intel® architecture and the workload-optimized Reference Design, you can help your partners eliminate the guesswork in evaluating Anthos and accelerate their time to market.

Boost Performance and Operational Efficiency1

The latest-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors provide fast insights and high throughput for enterprise applications—helping Google Cloud’s Anthos customers meet their service-level agreements (SLAs).

Many Google Cloud’s Anthos customers are taking advantage of Intel® technology. For example, KeyBank is running Cisco Hyperflex on Anthos, which gives the bank the ability to spin up infrastructure whenever—and wherever—it needs. This provides the same burstability to internal processes that weren’t created to natively run in containers.

Simplify and Accelerate Customer Deployment of Anthos with Intel® Select Solutions

Help your customers drive digital transformation and reduce complexity and engineering costs by introducing them to Intel Select Solutions for Google Cloud’s Anthos.

These solutions are easy to deploy because time-consuming customization is not necessary—Intel Select Solutions’ hardware and software reference designs have already been verified by Intel and Google. This means Anthos customers can save time by not having to determine which technologies and configurations they need. However, Intel Select Solutions are also flexible because they are available in workload-optimized configurations.

Using Intel Select Solutions for Google Cloud’s Anthos eliminates the guesswork in deploying Anthos. Predictable high performance means Anthos customers can be confident that the solution will meet SLA requirements. Also, “Works with Anthos” badging lets customers know these solutions are workload and total-cost optimized for Anthos.

When Anthos customers are ready to scale, they can take advantage of the long-standing relationships between Intel, Google and an ecosystem of SIs and OEMs.

Complement High-Performance Hardware with Optimized Software

Intel has helped develop nearly a dozen Kubernetes open source plug-ins. Customers can use these plug-ins—free of charge—to extend the capabilities and improve the performance of their Kubernetes clusters.

Google Cloud and Intel Alliance: Drive Continual Innovation

Google and Intel’s close and long-standing relationship can help you provide better support to your customers, accelerate customer success and drive strong customer retention. Get in touch with your Intel account representative to access:

  • Support from Intel’s engineers who can help you and your customers with technical questions, explain how to best take advantage of Intel technologies and provide information about Intel innovations on the horizon.
  • Updates on OEMs and SIs that are Anthos ready, have Anthos Labs, and/or are selling Intel technology. Intel can help you connect with an OEM or SI that is the best fit for your customer.
  • Assistance with proof of concepts (PoCs) to help align customers’ needs with the right combination of Intel technology.
  • Marketing support for your customers’ PoCs to help develop compelling proof points and content that will help fuel sales and marketing efforts.

To find out more about Intel Select Solutions for Google Cloud’s Anthos and how they can benefit your customers, contact your Intel account team.

Notices and Disclaimers

Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at www.Intel.com/PerformanceIndex.

BASE: Intel Xeon Gold 5218 Processor – 2564 GB DRAM: 4 Node, 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6230 Processor,1x Intel Server Board S2600WFT,Total Memory: 256 GB DDR4, 8 slots/32 GB/2666 MT/s, HyperThreading: Enable, Turbo: Enabled, Intel VMD: Enabled, Storage (boot):1x 450 GB Intel SSD 4510 Series SATA. Storage (cache): 1x 375 GB Intel Optane DC SSD P4800X Series, Storage (capacity): 4x 2 TB Intel SSD DC P4510 Series PCIe NVMe, Network devices: 1x Intel Ethernet CNA XXV710-DA2 at 25GbE, Network speed: 10GbE,OS/Software: VMware 6.5.0. Tested between Jul 01 – Aug 22, 2019. using running Redis and Memtier benchmarks(1:10 set:get ratio,8 threads,10000 reqs/client,1 client/thread) , 1 Deployment:110000 req/s for 99.1% reqs served within 1ms, 10 Deployments:540000 req/s for 91% reqs served within 1ms.

PLUS: Intel Xeon Gold 6252 Processor – 512 GB PMem :4 Node, 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6252 Processor,1x Intel Server Board S2600WFT, Total Memory: 512 GB Intel Optane persistent memory, 4 slots/128 GB/2666 MT/s and 128 GB DDR4, 8 slots/16 GB/2666 MT/s, HyperThreading: Enabled, Turbo: Enabled, Intel VMD: Enabled, Storage (boot):1x 450 GB Intel SSD 4510 Series SATA, Storage (cache): 2x 375 GB Intel Optane DC SSD P4800X Series, Storage (capacity): 4x 2 TB Intel SSD DC P4510 Series PCIe NVME, Network devices: 1x Intel Ethernet CNA XXV710-DA2 at 25GbE, Network speed: 25GbE,OS/Software: VMware 6.5.0 Tested between Jul 01 – Aug 22, 2019. using running Redis and Memtier benchmarks (1:10 set:get ratio,8 threads,10000 reqs/ client,1 client/thread), 1 Deployment:125000 req/s for 99.1% reqs served within 1ms, 20 Deployments:1000000 req/s for 91% reqs served within 1ms.

Performance results are based on testing as of dates shown in configurations and may not reflect all publicly available updates. See backup for configuration details. No product or component can be absolutely secure.

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1Performance results are based on Intel internal testing as of Aug 22, 2019. Solution costs are estimated based on publicly available list prices for hardware and software as of Jan 16, 2020.