Solution Brief: Smart Farming Transformation

Learn about the Infiswift IoT Platform for Agriculture.

See how Infiswift works closely with farms, manufacturers, vendors, service providers, and more to help identify the Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software solutions that will best meet their specific requirements and address their challenges.

In order to meet these global demands, food producers and vendors need smarter data collection and simpler data integration. Most data now is of low quality, collected manually, and often cannot be accessed and shared between applications. It is critical for farmers and producers to gather higher quality data and control that data, particularly when third-parties are involved. Existing solutions are often not designed for agriculture and, as a result, do not meet the requirements of the industry.

Technology already plays a key role in the modern farm, accessing data from connected things, such as sensors, equipment, and even drones. Analyzing this data at the edge (where sensors, equipment, and devices are located) and in the cloud can help the agriculture industry to more accurately and quickly increase yield, monitor environmental conditions and farm equipment, control fertilizer and pesticide application, assess variables from nutrients to growth patterns, detect disease, and improve resource utilization.

Infiswift speeds time-to-market for smart agriculture solutions with its industry-specific IoT solutions. With a foundation in standardized Intel architecture, infiswift brings a powerful and flexible platform to move the agriculture industry forward.

Now there’s a clear pathway to commercialization of connected agricultural solutions for OEMs, manufacturers, vendors, service providers, and farmers.