® Intel IXP400 Software: VLAN and QoS Application Version 2.0 Programmer’s Guide

Intel® IXP400 Software VLAN and QoS Application: Guide, V2

1.0 Introduction
1.1 What’s New
The VLAN QoS API has been updated from version 1.0.

VLAN Features
• Supports all VLAN groups (VLAN ID #1 to #4094) and all can be enabled simultaneously. Version 1.0 only supports 32 VLAN groups.
• Protocol-based VLAN classification supports IPv6 and IPv4 protocol. Version 1.0 only supports IPv4.
• The following computing/processing tasks are off-loaded to NPE-level software:
— Acceptable Frame Type Checker
— VLAN Membership Filtering
— Frame Tagging and Tag-Removal on Egress

QoS Features
• Supports QoS on Ingress and Egress side. Version 1.0 only supports QoS on Ingress.
• Four traffic classes are supported for each side and for each NPE Ethernet port. Version 1.0 can support eight traffic classes on Ingress for each port.
• Automatic adjusting for queue length for traffic shapers is supported. The benefit is that the setting function for queue length, which while supported in Version 1.0, is no longer needed or supported.

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