® Intel IXP400 Software Programmer’s Guide

Intel® IXP400 Software V2.1: Programmer’s Guide

1.0 Introduction
This chapter contains important information to help you understand and use the Intel® IXP400 software version 2.1 release.

1.1 Versions Supported by this Document
This programmer’s guide is intended to be used in conjunction with software release 2.1. Please refer to the accompanying release notes for the latest information regarding proper documentation sources, etc.

Previous versions of the programmer’s guide (for earlier Intel IXP400 software releases) can be found at the following Web site:

To identify your version of software:
1. Open the file ixp400_xscale_sw/src/include/IxVersionId.h.
2. Check the value of IX_VERSION_ID.

1.2 Hardware Supported by this Release
The Intel IXP400 software v2.1 release supports all IXP4XX product line of network processors. Processor capabilities differ between processor product lines or processor variants. Not all capabilities of the processor may be supported by this software release.

Note: The IXP42X product line stepping A0 and IXC1100 control plane processor are no longer supported.

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