® Intel IXP400 Software Programmer’s Guide

Intel® IXP400 Software V1.2.2: Programmer’s Guide

About the IXP42X product line of network processors and IXC1100 control plane processor
Next-generation networking solutions must meet the growing demands from users for high performance data, voice, and networked multimedia products. Manufacturers of networking equipment must develop new products under stringent time-to-market deadlines and deliver products that can be easily upgraded in software. The IXP42X product line family is designed to meet the needs of broadband and embedded networking products such as high-end residential gateways; small to medium enterprise (SME) routers, switches, security devices; mini Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (mini-DSLAMs) for multi-dwelling units (MxU); wireless access points; industrial control systems, and networked printers.

The IXP42X product line delivers wirespeed performance and sufficient “processing headroom” for manufacturers to add a variety of rich software services to support their applications. These are highly integrated network processors that support multiple WAN and LAN technologies giving customers a common architecture for multiple applications. With their Development Platform, a choice of operating systems, and a broad range of developmental tools, the IXP42X product line provides a complete development environment for faster time-to-market.

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