Intel® IXP400 DSP Software Library V1.1: Programmer’s Guide

Intel® IXP400 DSP Software Library V1.1: Programmer’s Guide

1.0 Introduction
Intel® IXP400 DSP software Library Release 1.1 is a software module that provides the basic voice and signal-processing functionality for voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) applications on the IXP42X product line of network processors.

This document explains how to use the DSP API and provides the guideline and examples to the application developers.

1.1 General
DSP is a software module for media processing, targeted for next-generation integrated-access devices (IADs) such as consumer-premises equipment (CPE). Specifically, DSP performs media compression, echo cancellation, tone processing, jitter control, and other functions required in any IP media gateway or real-time media streaming functionalities.

This document is intended to describe the control and data interfaces of DSP to enable a third-party developer to incorporate DSP into a media gateway or server system and to integrate with other client software. Together with the Intel® IXP400 DSP Software Library Release 1.1 API Reference Manual, this document provides sufficient detail—about the interfaces and message and data delivery mechanisms—that a DSP software client can fully configure and control DSP processing operations and services.

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