® ® Intel Celeron M Processor on 90 nm Process for Embedded Applications

Intel® Celeron® M Processor for Embedded Apps Thermal Guide

This document describes thermal design guidelines for the Intel® Celeron® M processor on 90nm process with 400 MHz front side bus in the Micro Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (micro-FCBGA) package and the Micro Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (micro-FCPGA) package. Detailed mechanical and thermal specifications for this processor may be found in the Intel® Celeron® M Processor on 90nm Process Datasheet.

This document describes the thermal characteristics of the Celeron M processor and provides guidelines for meeting the thermal requirements imposed on uni-processor systems. The thermal solutions presented in this document are specifically designed for applied computing applications in embedded form factors.

This document discusses the thermal management techniques for the Celeron M processor, specifically in embedded computing applications. The physical dimensions and power numbers used in this document are for reference only. Please refer to the processor’s datasheet for the product dimensions, thermal power dissipation, and maximum junction temperature. In case of conflict, the data in the datasheet supersedes any data in this document.

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