Rethink the Enterprise-Grade IoT Platform

Learn about the Infiswift Enterprise IoT Platform powered by Intel® technology.

See how Infiswift's unique architecture can enable ultra-secure, two-way communication that can be scaled to millions or billions of devices with near-zero latency. Powered by Intel® technology. Infiswift’s IoT platform provides world-class security and scalability, a robust development environment, and analytics for custom implementations.

In the IoT world, many innovators focus on what one might call the “big four”: real-time performance, scalability, security, and fl exibility (see Figure 1). Years of experience and research proved to infi swift’s team that a mere aggregation of off -the-shelf products could not provide true real-time communications at scale that many enterprise customers seek. That’s why the company took a more comprehensive approach to building its IoT platform, using unique architectural concepts for next-level connectivity.

At its core, infi swift’s IoT platform is based on a broker that effi ciently routes and manages communications between end points. The platform was designed with fl exibility in mind and can support a variety of development environments— any cloud service and any device that can host MQTT-based client code can be connected. Plus, infi swift is dedicated to mitigating interoperability challenges that can often impair communication between stacks and hinder a customer’s ability to seamlessly integrate legacy and new technology. The overall result is an effi cient broker and client platform with a footprint light enough to operate sensors on the edge via Intel® Curie™ modules with the Intel® Quark™ microcontroller D1000.

Armed with its unique approach to enterprise-grade IoT solutions, and backed by powerful Intel technology, the team at infiswift is successfully moving forward with flexible implementations that deliver scalable, secure, real-time insights for new and existing partners in solar energy and beyond.