HPC Platform Software

Intel is committed to supporting open source software for the broader HPC ecosystem. OpenHPC* offers HPC Platform software for Intel® Architecture based systems.

For more information visit www.openhpc.community.

Level 3 Lustre* software support is also available through Intel. For more information visit www.lustre.org.

Please contact HPDD-Sales@intel.com for information about support.

High performance computing (HPC) is driving new innovations across a wide range of industries—from biosciences, to finance, to cosmology and more. OpenHPC* simplifies the installation, management, and ongoing maintenance of an HPC system by reducing the amount of integration and validation effort required to run an HPC system software stack.

With the OpenHPC* system software stack, you can take advantage of the innovation driven by this open source community.

Accelerate your time to results and value for your HPC initiatives through OpenHPC*.