AI Transforms Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, which seek to validate the safety and efficacy of new treatments through controlled testing on patients, are fraught with challenges that drive up research and development (R&D) costs and slow the delivery of promising new treatments. The Intel® Pharma Analytics Platform (Intel® PAP) is an edge-to-cloud artificial intelligence (AI) solution that enables remote monitoring to continuously capture clinical data from study subjects using a variety of sensors, including wearable devices. It applies advanced machine-learning techniques to objectively measure symptoms and quantify the impact of therapies. The Intel® Pharma Analytics Platform (Intel® PAP) provides benefits for pharmaceutical companies seeking to speed and simplify clinical trials, reduce trial costs, and gather more objective evidence by automatically collecting consistent, unbiased data, remotely monitoring for data analysis, and delivering an improved patient experience. It also helps accelerate time to market (TTM) for new drugs by producing high-quality data and increasing patient retention, leading to shorter trials.