Remote Patient Monitoring Improves Chronic Care Management

Meeting the Challenge of Chronic Care With aging populations and rising rates of chronic disease, healthcare providers face increasing pressure to provide more efficient, affordable patient care. Vital signs monitoring (VSM) and other remote monitoring solutions are increasingly recognized for their role in achieving these objectives. However, VSM solutions have often been impractical to implement. These solutions: • Were typically piecemeal and complex • Involved burdensome device setup and configuration • Were based on proprietary technologies that made the solutions costly and difficult to scale ConnectedHealth Delivers a Robust, Scalable Solution The ConnectedHealth vital signs monitoring solution solves the problems of cost, complexity, and scale that have slowed the adoption of remote VSM. ConnectedHealth has accomplished this by building a system that: • Provides an end-to-end platform as a service (PAAS) medical VSM solution for healthcare organizations • Supports standards such as Continua* to improve medical device interoperability • Is architected to ensure patient data privacy, with data owned and hosted by the healthcare organization • Utilizes robust, security-enabled gateway technology from Intel