Executive Summary

Facing radiologist shortages and rising demands for medical imaging services, clinicians and administrators are eager to accelerate workflows while maintaining or improving care quality. The Intel Medical Imaging Analytics Deep Learning (DL) Inferencing solution addresses these goals by providing a simple, cost-effective way to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) models and algorithms into medical imaging workflows.
By taking advantage of advances in AI, organizations can enhance medical imaging analytics in ways that may help improve diagnoses, optimize workflows, and enhance operational efficiencies. Organizations can also increase the value of their medical imaging data and the return on their investments in integrated vendor-neutral archives.
Built on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor platform and widely used Intel® development environment, the Intel DL Inferencing solution delivers breakthrough performance for medical imaging analytics without having to use special-purpose hardware. Organizations can optimize total cost-of‑ownership and maintain architectural consistency across their IT environments. Data scientists and developers can speed the delivery of AI-fueled insights for high‑quality, value-based healthcare.