Healthcare Infrastructure: On Demand

Standardized IT infrastructure increases system security, reliability, and flexibility while reducing cost and complexity.

More Efficient System and Data Management

For healthcare organizations, thriving in this shifting environment requires implementing processes and technologies that improve the quality of care, access, and efficiency. With powerful, trusted computing, storage and communications technologies, Intel can help.

On Demand Data Management

Data management, as well as using industry-standard infrastructure, reduces the cost of EHR and PACS implementations while increasing system security, reliability, and flexibility.

Hyperconverged Healthcare Solutions from Intel and Nutanix

Clinicians don’t do their best work behind a desk. Mobile access to critical EHR information allows them to deliver care at peak quality and efficiency. What’s more, increased virtualization can occur without any compromise in security.

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Path to a Secure Compliant Cloud from HyTrust, VMware, and Intel

Clear and consistent policies at the virtual workload level help administrators control user privileges and monitor data movement, resulting in better compliance and security across an entire organization’s trusted cloud infrastructure.

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Software Defined Infrastructure

Reduce risk for patients and lower the bottom line with SDI's simple deployment and management.

Transforming Healthcare IT Through Software-Defined Infrastructure

With healthcare data growing by 40 percent annually, software-defined infrastructure provides fast and cost-effective scalability while allowing organizations to use data center analytics with EHRs to improve patient outcomes without excessive spending.

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Benefits of Software-Defined Infrastructure for Healthcare IT

Today's healthcare industry faces many challenges. See how healthcare organizations can benefit from a software-defined infrastructure (SDI).

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EHR Infrastructure Modernization

Keep healthcare synchronized and scalable with Intel-powered electronic health record solutions that are cost-effective and scalable.

EHR Infrastructure Modernization

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions scale as businesses grow in complexity without making EHRs more complex themselves. Secure access to real-time patient data at a moment’s notice across multiple devices means better care.

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