Improving Object Storage Performance

Improving Object Storage Performance

With the rapid development of the Internet and cloud computing, the amount of unstructured data—such as text, images, audio, and video—has exploded at an exponential rate. This has the marketplace turning to highly scalable object storage solutions to meet growing data demands. Realizing the need for improvement, Beijing TEAMSUN Co., Ltd. (TEAMSUN), Chin...a’s leading IT integrated services provider, worked with Intel to carry out testing and performance optimization of its Openstack* Swift* object storage solution running on Intel® architecture.

• Enhance core competitiveness. Provide clients a with a highly scalable storage solution to improve TEAMSUN’s competitiveness in the marketplace.
• Improve utilization rate of storage resources. Improve the load balancing and data throughput capacity of proxy servers so the object storage solution can fully use its storage node’s maximum data input/output capacity.
• Optimize performance. Improve write performance of the metadata information in the Openstack Swift object storage solution.

• Utilize 10 Gigabit Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter. Replace the Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter I350 with 10 Gigabit Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X520-DA2 to improve the performance of TEAMSUN’s storage system.
• Utilize Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs). Use Intel Solid-State Drive to store the accounts and container data information of the Openstack Swift object storage solution.

• Improved the utilization rate of storage resources. 10 Gigabit Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X520-DA2 helped TEAMSUN's Openstack Swift object storage solution increase its data throughput capacity by more than five times and the concurrent connection by more than four times. The storage nodes’ maximum data read/write capacity and the storage resources can both now be fully utilized.
• Improved overall performance. Compared with the mechanical drive, the Intel SSD, used as media for the metadata information storage helped TEAMSUN improve its Openstack Swift object storage solution’s overall performance by more than 20 percent.

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