How reliable is your design?

Intel offers free testing services to customers for creating commercial solutions based on Intel® architecture.

Acoustic Testing

What is the major source of noise in your system? Our acoustic testing service allows you to send in a fully configured system or system components under evaluation. Intel® Platform Testing Services (then provides the customer a report with the system-level acoustic comparative results on that specific system for sound power and sound pressure.

In compliance with ISO specifications, the testing detailed within the report greatly assists the customer in their selection and configuration of system ingredients, including video cards, fan heatsink solutions, and chassis (including chassis fans and power supplies) for the best acoustic solution. The report also gives you details the configuration of the system under test (SUT), the test methods and test equipment used to test the SUT, and any relevant modifications to the SUT or testing procedure that may be beneficial to the customer.

Our hemi-anechoic acoustic chambers can test your system for sound pressure and/or sound power levels:

  • Software workloads are used to evaluate acoustic noise of the system at idle, CPU stress of 50% and thermal test load, optical, and hard drive stress. 
  • Noise levels are compared to Intel® acoustic landing zone targets.
  • Testing is done according to these ISO standards: 7779, 3734, 3735, 11201, 9296

Shock and Vibration Testing

Folsom Lab Only

Does your system meet the rigorous environment for which it was designed? Our testing service allows you to send in a fully configured system for shock and vibration testing. The tests involve simulating random usages to determine if the system can withstand the short-time, moderately high-level force impacts and movements encountered during day-to-day use, transportation, and service. Testing a system before launch can help you determine issues early and result in designing a higher-quality product.

Our shock and vibe equipment can test against industry standards and for your custom requirements:

  • Shock levels up to 1500G
  • Vibe frequencies up to 3000 Hz
  • The system is not powered on during these tests.

Highly Accelerated Stress Test

Need to shorten your system's environmental testing time? We can test your system in a Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) chamber. The system is not powered on during these tests.

  • Temperatures from 105C to 162C and relative humidity from 75% to 100%.