lntel's Hardened Security Software helps protect your most sensitive workloads. Uniquely built into Intel® hardware, it isolates and protects virtual machines throughout the entire compute process—from boot up through the runtime of the BIOS, hypervisor, operating systems, and applications for end-to-end protection. Hardened Security Software uses dedicated compute resources for secure virtual machine isolation, which enables organizations to have strengthened security without compromising performance. The solution is provisioned at the OEM factory, creating a root of trust throughout the supply chain process and enabling customers to easily integrate it into their existing infrastructures.

Key Features

Built-In World Class Security

Modern IT infrastructure starts with a secure platform. Intel's Hardened Security Software is rooted in hardware and delivered with software to help protect against complex cyber threats.

Assured Performance

This solution offers consistent performance through partitioning and isolation. Run secure workloads, from boot through runtime, and address both security and quality of service.

Easy Integration and Deployment

Intel's Hardened Security Software is complementary to existing infrastructure. Increase agility for deploying and managing new instances in an agile cloud architecture.

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