Consistently Meet Service Level Agreements

It is important to consistently meet service level agreements (SLAs), to avoid disappointing customers. End users expect network responses within a given amount of time. As data centers scale, application response times become more variable, even in fast and efficient systems. The network plays a key role in influencing the predictability of application response time. Like cars on a highway, data needs to travel from origination to destination quickly and efficiently, but often gets stuck with too much traffic and unexpected delays. Intel® Ethernet 800 Series has Application Device Queues (ADQ) that act as dedicated express lanes for high-priority applications. ADQ filters application traffic to a dedicated set of queues for predictable high performance. ADQ accelerates Ethernet network performance, providing increased application response time predictability, lower latency, and higher throughput. Intel® Ethernet 800 Series with ADQ helps you more consistently meet SLAs. High predictability means you can use more servers to parallelize a task and process requests more quickly. Or, with ADQ, your existing servers can support more end users and can process more requests for lower TCO. Intel is dedicated to database optimization, helping organizations move, store, and process data. Find out how Intel® Ethernet 800 Series with ADQ can help your business optimize server performance, enabling greater predictability and helping you confidently meet your SLAs.